LEADFOOTS (Lotus Elite Association of Drivers Owners Operators Tinkerers & Suchlike) was formed 15 years ago as an informal collection of like-minded souls who gathered to enjoy the food, wine and company and talk a great deal about a limited range of subjects.

LEADFOOTS meet at infrequent intervals and there is no membership fee, newsletter, committee, constitution or structured organisation. Nor are there any applications, appraisals, submissions or paperwork associated with the group. You may not have been aware of your qualifications to join this august body, because it happens by default - The LEADFOOTS acronym explains your involvement.

LEADFOOTS has grown from the inaugural lunch of about 20 participants, to the last function where 100 attended the special dinner. Normal luncheons usually have a gathering of 40 to 60. So if you are visiting Sydney, Australia, always check to see if there is anything on.

For more information, contact Brian Caldersmith.