Several Lotus Elite clubs have existed since its introduction 1959.


Club Elite North America

Written by Mike Ostrov, Don Christopher.

Founded by Bill and Barbara Hutton in 1971, Club Elite North America existed for many years as a dues-based, paper-newsletter-based group of Elite owners and enhusiasts who held regular meetings around the USA. 


Club Elite UK

Written by Don Christopher (Admin).

The foundation of Club Elite UK can be traced back to a short notice placed in Motor Sport in May or June 1969 by Bill Hoad who lived in Cockermouth in the Lake District. This note suggested a possible meeting of Elite Owners at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in July of that year. The result of this note was that some twenty owners turned up an met in a very pleasant parking area close to the track. After this first meeting all those present went to the The Green Man, a pub just a mile or so from the circuit and stayed until late.

At the pub there was much chat with a final outcome that Michael Taverner and his wife Susan volunteered that they would take on the task of trying to get a club/register started. Bill Hoad, the author of the original note, was unable to take things forward and faded from the scene. It is thought that he ever attended another meeting.

The next meeting was at Brands Hatch on 25th October 1969 with 14 cars attending and so ended the starting year of Club Elite which has now been running for over 45 years.






LEADFOOTS (Lotus Elite Association of Drivers Owners Operators Tinkerers & Suchlike) was formed 15 years ago as an informal collection of like-minded souls who gathered to enjoy the food, wine and company and talk a great deal about a limited range of subjects.


Club Elite International

Written by Mike Ostrov, Don Christopher.

In the early-1990's, Club Elite USA and Club Elite UK collaborated on a combined publications called the Club Elite International Newsletter.  In essence it was one annual issue of the Club Elite Newsletter with content from both clubs.  The main driver of the collaboration were Mike Ostrov (Club Elite USA) and Roy Yates (Club Elite UK).