Walter Hassan - Chief Designer at Coventry-Climax

Written by Autosport May 1971, Club Elite North America Newsletter.

Mr. Walter Hassan, Chief Designer by Coventry-Climax - "I was  was offered the post of Chief Designer by Coventry-Climax and I accepted. I went there and expanded the design team to include Harry Mundy, who I'd known for years even then. We worked first on forklift trucks to cure some transmission troubles; then Climax obtained a Home Office fire pump contract. It was during the Korean Hater and Civil Defence was a big thing, and they wanted a pump double the power of existing ones for half the weight. They wanted a prototype running within a year, fully developed and reliable.

Complete article published in Club Elite North America Vol. 1 No. 7 as reprint from Autosport May 1971.  (Copyright and all rights reserved for the newsletters and their content, Autosport, Club Elite North America.)