Elite Aerodynamics

Written by Dennis Ortenburger.

"There is no need to question the efficiency of the Elite’s aerodynamics. One only has to remove the side window and motor along at speed. Turbulence inside the cabin is virtually nil, especially if there is no outside mirror to disrupt the air flow. Which raises the question of just how good is the coefficient of drag? In the early days at Lotus cd was calculated on the basis of frontal area. Colin Chapman reckoned the cd to be 0.29 while Frank Costin figured it to be 0.30. Both were exceptionally low numbers unheard of in automobiles of the time. The pictures of the Elite with wool tufts clearly shows how well attached is the."

Complete article published in Dennis Ortenburger's Lotus Elite Journal  Vol.1 No.1 (Copyright and all rights reserved for the newsletters and their content, Dennis Ortenburger.)