Hobbs' Mecha-Matic Automatic Transmission

Written by Motor Sport December 1962, Club Elite Newsletter.

Lotus Elite Mecha-Matic Transmission - "Some competition cars which are outwardly similar to others in their class win far more races than their competitors.  This is very often due to the car having a superior driver or a more powerful engine, or better "sorted" handling, but very rarely is the success of the car attributed in part to its gearbox.  When the gearbox is an automatic one, then the chances of success appear to be remote indeed, however good the driver or the car may be.  In the case of David Hobbs and his Lotus Elite fitted with the Hobbs Mecha-Matic automatic transmission one can merely let the results speak for themselves. Apart from success in International competition during 1961 and 1962, he has won numerous Club and National events, including a run of 14 successive wins during 1961."

Complete article published in Club Elite North America Vol. 1 No. 1 as reprint from Motor Sports, December 1962.  (Copyright and all rights reserved for the newsletters and their content, Motor Sports, Club Elite North America.)